Meet the

Welcome to the world of Sprouts, a collection of 1,000 plant friends thriving on the Ethereum network. When you purchase a Sprout, you gain immediate acceptance into an organically grown community that is unlike any other. We believe every day should be filled with gm's, sunshine, and some form of positive growth.

The Growth Guide

Green Launch

We will use Offsetra to offset any CO₂ emissions that our Smart Contract creates as a byproduct of using the Ethereum network.

Read more about blockchain emissions here.

Seed Vault

10% of the initial sale revenue will be sent to a multi-signature community vault. All spending will be posted transparently to the community, and used strictly for project development and growth. Holders will be given the opportunity to brainstorm and vote through proposals on future utilities, airdrops, companions, staking, marketing, or something entirely new!

Greenhouse Management

Sprout holders will be hand picked to form a community management team, with wages paid by the Seed Vault.


Sprouts will reach out to like-minded communities for collaborations. Collaborations are a great way to give back to our community with a variety of perks.


What do Sprouts want? More Sprouts! Holders can benefit from airdrops, flash raffles, giveaways, etc.


The Founders are dedicated to bringing positivity and organic outwards growth. Strong communities have proven time and time again that they are one of the key driving factors of a successful NFT project, so help us grow!

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."


Sprouts were randomly generated by layering a combination of accessories and color variations over different plant species.

Each Sprout was created equal, but some are more rare than others. A custom ranking solution will be made available to the public shortly after the reveal.

The Questions

Launch Date
Reveal Date
Total Supply
Mint Price
Do I own the rights to my Sprouts?
What are royalties set at?
What is Metamask?
Where can I view my Sprouts?

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